Sex Therapy

Sexuality is core part of being human. And because it is something we all experience, it has the potential to be an enormous source of connection and fulfillment.

Sometimes though, it isn't. Things don't work, partners struggle, insecurities plague us, problematic behaviors arise, or we find ourselves otherwise unhappy with our sexual selves. All of this can leave you feeling inadequate, anxious, sad, disconnected, alone, unwanted, unworthy, and - ultimately - hopeless.

If you, your partner, or someone you love is struggling with sexual issues,
reach out now. 

Our approach to sexual issues is to help our clients develop a vision of their sexual health and to support them in implementing this vision through skill building, education, and personal growth. Together, we can take a healthy,  sex-positive approach to discovering the potential for healing, growth, and fulfillment in your sexual and emotional life.

Below are some of the issues we work with. If you don't see your specific concern listed, that does not mean we don't work with it. This list is just an overview of some of the issues people come in with.


Differences in Desire

Affairs and Infidelity

"Sexual Addiction" or

Unwanted Sexual Behaviors


Pleasure Enrichment


Performance Anxiety

Arousal Issues

Painful Intercourse

Sexless Relationships
(Low or No Sex)


Men's Sexuality (including premature ejaculation, erectile issues, and delayed ejaculation)

Women's Sexuality (including orgasm difficulties and vaginismus/vestibulitis)

Sexual Orientation &
Identity Issues

Photo by simoningate/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by simoningate/iStock / Getty Images

Differences in Desire