Hi! And welcome to this trial directory. I am testing this out as a way to provide local therapists, counselors, and coaches throughout the Northern Front Range of Colorado a way to network and keep track of referral sources that is MUCH lower cost and consequently (over time) much more inclusive than searching through Psychology Today and much more convenient than rummaging through drawers looking for a business card.

Right now, I am just testing and playing with it. So no expectations! If it works well and seems helpful, I will begin to open it up to a wider audience. Once we surpass 50 members, I'll start charging something to run and host this as it will start costing me money at that point but I would anticipate it being no more than $2/month at that point as we will still be building out and developing. If it gets big enough, I may end up making it forward facing so that the public can find and search it.

Whether you think this is great and are all in on it or if you just sign up to look around now and cancel before any charges (and I will give everyone a HUGE heads up before even starting to figure out charging), I appreciate you helping me to test this out.

Click the sign up button to join us or the sign in to browse and look around!

Feel free to send me a message with feedback.

Ethan Bratt