Sarah Logan, MS, MFTC, LPN Relational and Medical Family Therapist

Sarah Logan, MS, MFTC, LPN
Relational and Medical Family Therapist

My Story

From the age of seven, I remember having a desire for helping people. I recall telling my parents, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a nurse.” Mission accomplished.  I've worked as a nurse in hospital communities, nursing homes, schools, day cares, and senior care facilities, just to name a few.

I love working as a nurse  and that will always be one of the caps I wear. But one thing that remained consistent over that time was how my patients “just were not being heard.”  This is what pushed me to become a therapist.

Being a therapist expands how I am a caregiver in a way that was missing before.  My training in therapy has helped me to see the "both/and" perspective if you will. I am able to understand my clients' point of view from their side of the fence as I become more empathetic in their journey. It is truly amazing what lending an empathetic ear and offering support and therapeutic skills can do for someone!

This shift in how I am a caregiver opens up new opportunities for me to help clients in a different way with the caps that they wear. Sometimes it is about changing the way they wear it, sometimes adjusting the fit, and sometimes shopping for new ones.

With my background in medicine, I am unique in the field of Medical Family Therapy. My past experiences and training gives me unique insights as I help guide clients as they learn about and cope with their own diagnosis or condition or a family member's such as a parent, spouse, or child. My specialized insights help to support them as they navigate overcoming an issue, learning to cope with a lifelong condition, or grieving the various losses, of life and of abilities, that happen in life.

After devoting my time to my clients, I then return home to my husband and our four children.  I find myself engaged in family meals, outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains, yoga, swimming, a lot of laughs, and many family talks!