Sarah Logan, MS, MFT-C, LPN Relational and Medical Family Therapist

Sarah Logan, MS, MFT-C, LPN
Relational and Medical Family Therapist

My Approach

I value tailoring my therapy approaches to each client. You are all individuals and have unique needs. It is important to me to adapt what I do as I work with you to meet you where you are and in the way that will be most helpful to you.

In my educational background, there were several theories that stood out to me as being very important in how I work with clients generally. 

  • Systems Theory
    We are all connected to other people around us, sometimes in good, healthy ways and sometimes in ways that aren't as healthy and may leave a lot to be desired. Recognizing how others have an impact on us and how we impact them is an incredibly powerful part of change.
  • Solution Focused Theory
    Challenges we face don't have to control us. We can find ways to push back against what is happening in our lives and find ways to change them.
  • Structural Family Theory
    There are no right ways for a family to look. There are things though that help them to be healthier. Things like effective communication and good boundaries. While these are particularly crucial with step and blended families, they are important for every healthy relationship.

While these are some of the theories I use in my counseling, I'm happy to talk more about how I work with clients. Feel free to give me a call or schedule a consult so we can talk about how I can help you.