Whether romantic, family, or workplace, relationships can be a real struggle. When relationships go wrong, the effects can ripple through each of us and into the rest of life. Feelings of being misunderstood, un-valued, unloved, disregarded, taken advantage of, and hopelessness can weight us down and cause a domino effect of other issues arising.

If you have been feeling like that, please remember that there is hope. Relationships can certainly be strengthened, deepened, evaluated, and even salvaged and saved. With specific training in marriage and family therapy, our clinicians have specialized education and experience in treating interpersonal relationship dynamics. Whether all those involved in the relationship can come in or just you, we can make changes that will help you to find the fulfillment and satisfaction you've been looking for.

The following are just a few of the struggles our therapists have helped different clients face and overcome in their relationships. If you want more information or have a question about something not specifically talked about, just get in touch.


Communication & conflict Management

If you're at a point where nothing seems to ever get settled, or you two seem to fight more than talk, you need to take action.

Through learning some simple skills and working with you on how to react to common, emotionally-charged situations, we can help the two of you begin to feel understood and be happier in your communication than ever before. 


Disconnection, Distance, and resentment

Unfortunately, sometimes in our relationships, we end up feeling lost in the background or intentionally neglected. Feelings like shame, unworthiness, fear, and resentment may creep in and do more damage than ever.

 Don't settle for being roommates or strangers when what you want is a best friend and lover. We use research proven approaches to help couples purge hurtful emotions, reconnect with each other, and build closeness that lasts.


Life Transitions

Moving from couple-hood to parenthood is tough! And the road of raising kids doesn't get easier on the relationship. From welcoming your first to sending off your last, we help couples "kid proof" their marriages through research proven approaches. 

If you feel like your kids (regardless of their ages) are getting between you and your partner, we can help you reconnect and re-invest in your relationship.


Intimacy and Trust

When issues around sex and intimacy come up, it can leave both partners feeling hurt, insecure, inadequate, and rejected. The easy thing to do is to ignore and avoid the issue but too often that ends up killing the relationship. 

If you have concerns about this area of your relationship, read more on our Sex Therapy services page.


Boundary Issues

It can be hard to admit that family boundaries aren't right. These situations might include when a child begins acting as a parent, when a parent is too involved in a child's life, or when a child has been recruited as an "emotional spouse" for a parent. Broken or distorted boundaries invariably lead to problems whether in the short term or the long term.

If you're beginning to see these problems, we can help your family face these issues. By working together, all family members can return to their appropriate roles, empowering the adults to be the parents again and freeing the children to simply be "the kids".


Non-traditional families

Fewer than half of today's families are "traditional." Non-traditional families include families with adopted children, single parent families, remarried/blended families, and children raised by extended family, to name just a few. And in each of these, challenges can arise over perceptions of belonging, insecurity, resentment, expectations, vague family roles, and so much more. 

If you're part of a non-traditional family and have noticed any of these struggles, reach out. Working with our therapists to address these issues will be one of the most important investments in your family that you can make.


Multi-generational issues

Nearly everyone struggles at some point with an issue like this. It could be learning to deal with in-laws, letting go as parents, learning how to grandparent, or parenting your aging parent. 

Don't leave these issues unresolved where they invite resentment, anger, and family disconnect. When your extended family sits down with us in therapy, we're able to work together towards the common goal of a healthy family life that is fulfilling for parents, grandparents, and the children.