Whether you are looking to explore a relationship, strengthen it, or save it, I can help. The following are just a few of the struggles I have helped couples face and overcome. If you want more information or have a question about something not specifically talked about, just get in touch.

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Communication Skills & Conflict Management

If you're at a point where nothing seems to ever get settled, or you two seem to fight more than talk, you need to take action. By working on a few simple skills and coaching you on how to react to common, emotionally-charged situations, I can help the two of you begin to feel understood and be happier in your communication than ever before. 


Repairing Emotional Distance & Relationship Disconnect

Unfortunately, sometimes in our relationships, we end up feeling lost in the background or intentionally neglected. Don't settle for being roommates or strangers when what you want is a best friend and lover. I use research proven approaches to help couples reconnect and build closeness that lasts.

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Purging Toxic Emotions

Facing emotions like shame, unworthiness, bitterness, fear, and guilt are hard enough on your own let alone trying to talk to a partner about them. Don't let those emotions continue to erode you or your relationship. I help couples safely face toxic emotions together and begin the work of purifying the relationship.


Healing From Affairs

It's not just about the sexual betrayal. Sometimes an affair doesn't even have to involve sex. At its core, infidelity is a betrayal that strips away trust and leaves both people feeling distant and full of pain, fear, and uncertainty.  I can help you mend that betrayal, rediscover happiness and trust, and rebuild your marriage so that you can be confident it will never happen again.


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Intimacy and Sexuality

There is perhaps no deeper and more vulnerable part of us than our sexuality, which means that sexual problems in a relationship are a serious concern. If your relationship is experiencing this, you need to get help before embarrassment and frustration leads to anger, resentment, and ultimately a divorce or an affair. I work to reduce the awkwardness couples feel around this issue. Couples who work with me on sexual issues appreciate the calm and relaxed approach that I take as well as the confidence that my education and professional experience brings to the issues. 

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Commitment Issues/
Pre-Engagement Counseling

As a dating relationship develops, many couples reach a point where one or both of them hesitates. Do you know enough about the other person? How do you know if this will last? Why isn't your significant other as ready as you are to take the next step? I can help the two of you explore those questions and more so that you can become confident in choosing the right path for your relationship.

Pre-Marital Education/ Counseling

When you are looking at getting married, the old saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly applies. Pre-marital counseling is that "ounce of prevention" and has been shown to lower the risk of divorce by 31%! Using the PREPARE model, I work with pre-marital couples to identify their strengths and help them develop the skills to shore up any weak areas. Don't just invest in your wedding, invest in your marriage!

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Dealing with Divorce

Unfortunately, not all marriages last. Sometimes couples struggle for years with the decision to divorce; at other times they quickly realize it is the right decision for them. Regardless, it is never easy. Like many divorcing individuals and couples, you will find that counseling helps you settle on a decision and deal with how that decision will affect you, your family members, and the future. By working together with me, you can find peace as you face the difficult issues of divorce and begin the process of healing.

To learn about my approach to working with clients and counseling generally, take a look at the About Me section and scroll down to My Approach.