Online Services

Pivotal Counseling offers two forms of online services to potential clients.

Online Counseling/Therapy

This is therapy, just like in our offices but via a secure video-conference service. This is often an ideal solution for those who may be home-bound, who may live in rural areas, or whose schedules may not permit them to attend in person.

Ethan Bratt can provide this service to residents of Colorado and Wyoming. Sarah Logan can provide this service to residents of Colorado

Online Coaching

Pivotal Counseling also offers online coaching and consultation services. This differs from therapy as it is not about healing from past trauma but about collaboratively building a healthier future. We work with coaching clients to identify roadblocks, set goals, build their resources, and provide accountability and encouragement.

Both Ethan and Sarah can provide these services wherever clients may be.

Don't let distance stand in the way of improving your life. If you, your partner, or both of you are ready to invest in and build a better, healthier futurereach out now.