Documents for Clients with Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Below are documents and assessments specific to clients working on out of control sexual behaviors. Please bring the completed documents or printed results with you to your appointments.

Documents to be completed and brought for every appointment including the intake.

sexual symptom assessment scale

The SSAS scale is used to help evaluate the experience of problematic sexual behavior. This is a 12 item questionnaire. The questions should be answered about experiences just over the last 7 days.

Download the PDF here. 

Documents to be completed and brought to the intake only.

adverse childhood experiences scale

The ACE scale helps to identify experiences during childhood that may have been possibly difficult or challenging, or harmful. It is 10 items long and covers experiences during the first 18 years of life.

Download the PDF here.

hypersexual behavioral consequences scale

The HBSC is focused on what outcomes or consequences are being experienced by the individual due to their sexual behaviors. It is 23 questions long and covers the entire time that the behavior has been going on.

Download the PDF here.

The following scales will be completed during the assessment in the office. The links are provided her for convenience and information.

Sexual Inhibition/
Exitation Scale

This version of the SIS/SES is hosted online by Indiana University and is titled Turning On, Turning Off. This assessment is something that we will complete and review in session. You may be required to indicate that you trust the site to run Flash.

You can take this assessment here.