Let's talk.

New Clients

If you're ready to sit down and talk, you're in the right place. New clients are welcome to schedule of one two types of appointments. 

Consultation (20 Minutes)

I offer free 20 minute consultations either by phone or in person. Why would someone want to have a consultation? 

Some people schedule a consultation to ask about their specific situation. They want to feel confident and safe in knowing that we can help them and their specific situation.

Others may be worried about whether they can connect with me. They want to ensure they feel comfortable with me before they decide to take the big step of opening up and starting therapy. 

Whatever your reason for wanting a consultation, I am happy to take that time to ensure you are comfortable working with me before we even schedule an intake.

Intake Sessions (90 Minutes)

You aren't coming in just to hear about the legal disclosures and fill out paperwork. You're coming in because you want to get started. Consequently, our intake sessions are a little different than those "free intakes" other therapists may offer.

First, we have you complete all your paperwork ahead of time. By submitting everything through my secure, online client portal, you're able to fill those items out at your convenience rather than rushing because your appointment time is ticking away. It also means your therapist reviews your paperwork ahead of time instead of burning some your appointment reading your questionnaire for the first time.

Even with that done ahead of time, there are still some items we have to review in person. To ensure that doesn't stop us from diving in and beginning to work on what brought, intake sessions are 90 minute long.

Once you decide what kind of time you want to schedule with your therapist, just click the link below and select "New Client." Be careful to review the therapist you select, the location, and the service (consult or intake) at the top of the window so that you schedule what you'd like.

Rest assured that while you will be asked for credit card information, that you will not be charged until you attend your session. Consults will receive no charge at all.

Lastly, if you are coming in for couple's therapy, please go ahead and schedule one of you individually. After scheduling, send me a message letting us know your spouse/partner will also be attending. I'll be in touch to set up intake paperwork for them also.