Leighanna Nordstrom, BS Couples and Family Therapy Intern

Leighanna Nordstrom, BS
Couples and Family Therapy Intern

My Story

I’m a therapist by accident.

When I started my college education, my interests were pretty broad. I wanted to help solve crimes as a forensic anthropologist and also wanted to get a doctorate and go into sports medicine. Then there was my love of both creative writing and my passion for singing.

Then one day, I sat down in class only to realize I was in the wrong class. That class turned out to be Psychology 100. I initially stayed put because I was too awkward to get up and walk out. After the first few minutes, I stayed because I was glued to my seat. This wound up being the most fortuitous error of my life.

As I’ve pursued my education to better understand how the human brain works, I began to notice that the subjects we need to talk about the most are often the things for which we lack the language to say. I set out with a mission to offer a voice to those who had something to say. As a counselor, I encourage and support community members as they encounter and overcome personal and social barriers. I hold space for those who are navigating difficult experiences, whether lingering or brand new ones.

Through the years, I have developed a passion for working with folks who have concerns related to romantic attachment and sexuality. I believe all lives are touched in some way by this topic. It means a great deal to me to be able to walk alongside individuals and partners as they interrogate their beliefs around sexuality and begin writing their own story. I am a poly/kink aware therapist.

I would be glad to walk alongside you.

On my off time, you will most likely find me singing karaoke or writing music. When I get to spend time with my family, there’s a good chance it will involve board games or a movie.