Leighanna Nordstrom, BS Couples and Family Therapy Intern

Leighanna Nordstrom, BS
Couples and Family Therapy Intern

My Approach

Every person is capable of change. When they are supported during it, that change can happen both faster and more dramatically. As a counselor, I see myself as a powerful source of support in my clients’ journeys.

While every person comes in with their own unique set of struggles and triumphs, I find that my clients very often benefit from some specific components of my approach to therapy.

Our experience is made up of stories.

Each person I see has a collection of stories to tell. These stories come from a variety of sources and shape their beliefs about the world, about relationships, and about themselves sometimes for a lifetime. I help my clients examine these stories and how their life is shaped by them. More importantly though, I walk with my clients on the journey to decide which of these stories they are proud of and which they’d like to rewrite. My goal is to empower you as the author of your own life story.

No one exists in a vacuum.

Isolation is a huge barrier to growth. When you are struggling, the worst lie your mind tells you is that you are all alone. It is my job to remind you that you aren’t. You’re part of a bigger system whether that is at work or school, among social friends, in romantic relationships, and in countless other places. During our time together, my aim is to help you see and explore these connections, build them as resources in your life, and develop the tools for you to thrive in each and every part of your life.

Compassion and kindness are not just for others.

We are taught from a young age to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Sometimes, we need to do better at the inverse: to treat ourselves as kindly as we treat others. It is so easy to shine a light on the parts of ourselves we like the least, minimize our positive qualities and accomplishments, and end up feeling unacceptable and unworthy. My approach to helping clients is rooted in the need for self-compassion, the ability to treat yourself with care and kindness in the face of a personal failure. Each and every client, including you, is worthy of that self-compassion. And that self-compassion gives us the confidence to make the journey in life to where we want to be.