My Office Locations

I have two office locations to better serve clients throughout the northern Colorado Front Range and Cheyenne, Wyoming area.  They are located in west Greeley, CO (about 15 minutes from I-25) and in Fort Collins, CO off of Harmony Road on Boardwalk Drive.

Greeley Office
1711 61th Ave, Suite 206
Greeley, CO 80634

My office is located in the building at the center of the Fox Run Business Park.  Enter through the north doors and my suite is straight up the stairs on the left.  If I'm not there to meet you, make yourself comfortable on the couches. I'll be right with you.




Fort Collins Office
4103 Boardwalk Drive, Suite 202
Fort Collins, CO 80525

In Fort Collins, I practice at the Boardwalk Therapy Center which is located in the business complex just east of the post office at Boardwalk Drive and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.  As you pull in to the complex, 4103 is to your left.  Come up to the second floor and through the door on your right. Have a seat in the waiting room. I should be with you shortly.