Ethan L. Bratt, MS, LMFT Relational and Sex Therapist

Ethan L. Bratt, MS, LMFT
Relational and Sex Therapist

My Story

I didn't start out with the intention of being a therapist. 

My earliest recollection is that I wanted to be a forest ranger up in a tower watching for wildfires.  From there, I've been involved in emergency response services, day care, senior care, family and truancy mediation, and a few other jobs. The one consistent feature is that they were all about helping people. And that's what I do now.

So why be a therapist instead of something else? Therapy is where I think the most opportunity for meaningful, persistent change in someone's life can happen. As a therapist, I have the opportunity and privilege of walking with clients along their journey as they make profound, positive changes that can effects that ripple throughout their lives. 

As I have grown and developed as a therapist, I began recognizing how heavily my clients were being impacted by their sexuality and how their sexuality was being impacted by the rest of their lives including significant issues of shame, unhappiness, loss, and disgust in  individual, relational, societal, and religious areas of their lives. I decided that I wanted to specialize in this area specifically because of how big of an issue this is for so many people.

As I've become more specialized as a sex therapist, I have found immense joy and fulfillment in helping people to reclaim their lives and relationships as they discover and cultivate their own sexual health. 

When I'm not in the office, I enjoy reading everything from fiction to history. I, my wife, and our four kids enjoy playing board games and all sorts of the wonderful outdoor activities that beautiful Colorado has to offer.